Bringing kinja into focus, one frame at a time

Just wrapped up developing my first roll

I’m gonna call it my spaghetti western series because I mixed my developer in a spaghetti sauce jar.

I made a ghetto light box using one of my B&H boxes and sticking a flashlight inside and then clipping my negative sheet to a sheet of paper. I used the flash so you could see the whole sheet. So far I haven’t been able to digitize any of these decently but once I find a way I’ll share the work with you guys.

Other parts of the process worth mentioning: I tried to use a keychain bottle opener and it wasn’t working and I wasn’t waiting another night so I just ripped the back off with channel locks. I got so nervous and frustrated doing the whole thing in the dark I dropped my film reel on the floor and I almost didn’t get it back out in one piece. Very frustrating but also very satisfying.

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