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It's Time to Talk about the Fujifilm X-Pro2

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As you may or may not know, I have had a thing for the Fujifilm X series cameras since they came out. I personally have an X-E1, and my girlfriend has an X-T1. It’s been a while since I’ve covered any new or speculated cameras (or anything photography related, for that matter), so I figured I’d give you a quick rundown of the rumors being spread about the upcoming, and highly anticipated X-Pro2.


LET THE RUMORS BEGIN! has been a fairly reliable source of information regarding upcoming Fujifilm announcements. Much like and, they compile information about upcoming product announcements, all while tagging each bit of rumored information according to how credible the source is.


You can read the full article from FujiRumors here, but I’m going to list off some of the rumored specs that I find most interesting.

The Good:

  • 1/8000 second mechanical shutter speed - Trusted Source
  • Joystick for quick AF point selection - Trusted Source
  • No in-body image stabilization - Trusted Source
  • Flash sync faster than 1/180 second - Source Right in the Past
  • Weather sealed - Trusted Source

1/8000 second mechanical shutter is a welcome upgrade over the 1/4000 second shutter on the X-Pro1.


The joystick quick AF point selector seems like a welcome addition, since it’s personally been a pain in my ass to change AF points on the X-E1 and the X-T1.

The lack of IBIS is fine by me; I prefer OIS systems anyways. That’s all subjective, though.


A flash sync speed faster than 1/180 of a second is also welcome. Perhaps it will also play nice with my Canon flashes, as well!

As for weather sealing, that is a great addition, and adds to the useability of the body for professionals that work in environments that may not be exactly the greatest for cameras.


The “Meh”:

  • Black and White “Acros” film simulation mode - Source Right in the Past
  • No 4k Video at launch - Trusted Source
  • Faster EXR III Processor - Trusted Source

I could care less about more film simulation modes, but if it’s something you enjoy, it’s worth noting.


Lack of 4k video at launch is not necessarily a bad thing. The way they worded it, it sounds like it may come in a future update. These cameras weren’t ever “stellar” in the video department, so this doesn’t bug me much.

Finally, an upgraded processor is to be expected. If they kept the EXR II processor in there, it’d be on the bad list. This is what happens with technology, and if you’re thinking it’s an amazing advancement, you’re playing right into the marketer’s hands.


The Bad:

  • No tilt screen

Again, this relates more to video than photography, but if they do introduce 4k in a future update, this is a key feature to overlook.


From the Anonymous & New Sources:

  • ISO 200-12,800
  • 1/250 flash sync
  • More than 200 AF points (2/3 of which are phase detect)
  • Hybrid EVF like the X100T
  • Resolution of 24MP
  • Same approx. size as the X-Pro1
  • Dual SD card slots
  • WiFi
  • 20-30% more expensive than the current X-T1
  • Two Versions: 24MP APS-C / 25-27MP APS-X

These are more speculation and can’t be taken as seriously as the previous rumors, but here we go:

ISO 200-12,800 sounds about right, though it’s not a huge factor for me. How many people shoot higher than ISO 8,000 or so on a regular basis?


1/250 flash sync speed seems inline with the “faster than 1/180 second flash sync” rumor from a trusted source.

200+ AF points with approx 130 or more as phase detect autofocus points? That seem extreme, but if it happens, it’s a HUGE addition to the feature set.


Since the X-Pro1 had an optical viewfinder, I’m willing to bet that the X-Pro2 will have the X100T-styled hybrid OVF/EVF. It just makes sense to me.

A couple of these talk about 24+ MP sensors. I bet there will be a resolution increase, especially since the release of the 5DS/R. If they keep it at the 16MP that their X-Trans sensors are currently at, it might actually be a dealbreaker for some.


Dual SD card slots would be a welcome addition. I hope it’s true.

Wifi is one of those “meh” items to me. It’s sort of gimmicky in my eyes.

Right now, the X-T1 is going for $999 on B&H Photo. That’d bring the price of the X-Pro2 to $1,200 to $1,300, based on this rumor, just for the body. I think that’s fair, especially if it packs as much of a punch as the rumors say it might.


So, what do you think?

I know some of you are hardcore DSLR users, and some of you like using Mirrorless. Some even like using DSLRs and Mirrorless, like myself!


Let me know what you think about the prospective X-Pro2 specs in the comments below!

Wait! When’s it going to be announced?!

I almost forgot the most important part. X-Pro2 rumors have been flying around since the X-T1 was launched. There’s a pretty solid consensus that the X-Pro2 will be announced after CES this January, on the 15th to be exact. I’ll be saving my pennies and crossing my fingers, since it’s about time to upgrade my X-E1!

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