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Is the DSLR dead?

With the arrival of full-frame mirrorless cameras, is this the first, or even final, nail in the coffin for the mirror?

The first camera I really started shooting with was a Canon PowerShot S5. It looked like a mini SLR, and I would use the viewfinder to frame my shots, not the screen on the back. But with these cameras, you aren’t looking through the lens; you’re looking at a tiny LCD screen. And all the adjustments I made were reflected in the tiny screen. WYSIWYG. The biggest thing I had to get over when I switched to an SLR was that what I was seeing in the viewfinder was not what I was getting on the image. A mirrorless camera, no matter how fancy, will be the same way.

There always feels like some sort or art, or even magic, about seeing one thing but getting something else. I get that the process is all digital anyway, and removing the mirror just removes an obstacle in the path of the light to the electronic sensor. But to me, it feels like something significant is lost in the process.


But then again, I’m a historian, which makes me old school.

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