I haven’t been out taking pictures with the DSLR this week. I’ve been rehabbing frames for some stuff that got into a gallery show. I’ll post about that after I’ve got all five done. But I have taken a decent amount of pictures with my new phone.

My new iPhone XS Max was delivered yesterday. Somehow, a bigger, fancier, nicer phone cost me less than the 8 Plus. I wouldn’t and couldn’t spend $1000 on a phone. It’s complicated, but Sprint charges us such a ridiculously low price I couldn’t not get what is normally obscenely expensive. Anyway...

So how is the camera on this thing and how well does Apple’s field depth thingy work?

First, the sensors are far superior to what came out a year ago. I was totally let down by the quality of pictures using the native camera app on the 8 Plus. Using other apps to shoot in RAW was a huge improvement, but Apple’s image processing software was trash.

This new sensor and the code that makes it all work are really nice. The images straight off the Apple camera app are surprisingly very good (for a little sensor in a phone).


This picture is straight off the Apple camera app, no editing at all. The white balance could be better, but it’s not bad. If I shot this on my Nikon, I would have to shoot at a minimum of ISO 800 in this lighting.

So how does that crazy field depth trick work? Look at my header pic. Not too bad.


Here are some more of the dog and my feral cat friend.


This is the last shot with the effect turned down.


Apple did a really nice job with this. It’s not perfect, but it works really well most of the time.

When the subject, foreground, and background are all very close, it doesn’t work as well, but it fuzzes what it perceives to be the furthest background stuff just a little. It give what would be Moro’s very flat phone pic just a hair of depth, which is nice.


This was also taken in fairly crappy light. Not too bad.

Also, we have kittens. Some cat from the neighborhood had kittens and we scooped ‘em up so they can be socialized and adopted. One of them has an underdeveloped rear left foot, but it doesn’t slow her down. I’ll have more pictures of this cuteness in the coming days.

You can see her stubby foot in these Instagram videos, especially the second one. Miss Stubby is the one playing with the toy.


That’s all I’ve got for now. Hope everyone has a great weekend.