Hello Photography, I’m a 20 year old Automotive Engineering Student from the Netherlands and I’m new here, although some of you may know me from Oppo. I had been toying with getting a DSLR for about 5 years already, however last year I finally bought one. So I’m still getting to learn the hang of it, since I sadly can’t spend vast amounts of time on photography, due to University and work.

Anyhow due to my passion for everything with an engine, most of the subjects I shoot are cars, but recently I’ve also gotten into experimenting with shooting landscapes and clouds. I also quite enjoy editing photos using photoshop, and more recently Google’s NIK collection plug-ins.

Here’s some of my work, the first three are without post:

Lovely Spirit of Ecstacy

Nova, a car I built with other students last year, read more about her here:


Gotta love barnfind Dafs
More barnfind Daf
My humble Twingo


A triple exposure shot I made of a sunset last week, used Google NIK to merge and edit it.

So, that’s about it, if you have any questions, remarks or tips, you can leave them below.