Here are the two I submitted for this week's challenge, with some extras! A couple of very Texas things, and one very not Texas thing. They're all iPotato photos, and not particularly recent.

The first two are of the Texas State Capitol. Taller than the rotunda in DC, and made out of pretty pink feldspar, she's definitely something to behold. Local Austin ordinances also prohibit any construction in downtown that would block view of the capitol, so pretty much no matter where you go, there's always a sight line to it.

The second building is equally iconic Texas. Not a person among us in the Lone Star State can forget the famous battle cry of the Battle of San Jacinto, "Remember the Alamo! Remember Goliad!"

Once you're inside the mission, it's dim, cool, and a little claustrophobic. You almost feel like you can still hear the din of the fight, even over the cacophony of tourists babbling as they gawk at the artifacts housed within.


And this last photo is of the I-57 bridge that spans the Mississippi River at the state line between Missouri and Illinois. I crossed in late afternoon, so the golden light made the green of the bridge and the blue of the sky really pop.


So, there ya go. Happy Friday, y'all!