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In for review: Epson SureColor P400

The basics are pretty straight forward, it’s a high-end, enthusiast’s photo printer that boasts the use of pigment-based inks to provide better quality prints at home that may be comparable to a photo lab (take away here - that photo lab can be a CVS or Walmart so take that bit of p.r. speak with a grain of salt). You can find the full spec sheet here but the condensed version is as follows:

  • 13-inch wide format printer
  • Handles a variety of media including canvas rolls and velvet photo papers
  • WiFi ready: can be linked to your home network via ethernet or fully wireless
  • pigment-based inks

So I’ve got some a few photos that I plan on printing but was curious what questions if any of you might have. Most reasonable requests will be entertained.


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