Bringing kinja into focus, one frame at a time

I'm looking at getting a Zeiss 50mm ƒ/2 ZM Planar for the A7.

This is the picture that’s made me consider it! (Photo credit to Klyuen)I love the way it renders in a 3d-ish type way and the colors are awesome. They run about $550 mint used, plus $100 for a leicaist close focus adaptor, it only comes out to about $650 which is about what I would feel comfortable spending. I know for that money I could almost get the FE55mm ƒ/1.8 which is an amazing lens. However, I love manual focus and I don’t want to be tied to Sony because if Fuji ever comes out with an FF mirrorless camera I’m selling my A7 and buying it. Also manual rangefinder lenses can last for decades without needing repair unlike autofocus lenses. Also it would be a pretty compact package (as seen below) so that if I get into my intership in Japan I could carry my A7 in backpack everyday easily.


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