Why would anybody want a B&W disposable camera? Surely people buying disposables don’t care about B&W photography? There must be a reason why Ilford made this, I wanted to find out.

I like how the box has a bunch of photographer’s photos on the top, at first I thought they were photos taken with the camera, but I think it’s more likely taken with the stock. You can tell by the shallower DoF and zoom(?) in some of the shots.

As you can see this is the HP5 version, they also do an XP2 version which is developed using the C-41 process, both cameras are ISO400. I was a bit concerned about it being ISO400, I don’t know what other disposables use but you’ll see a few of these shots are a bit overexposed.

I only got one pic of the camera itself amongst a bunch of other films.


To start, well, part of the lens is a little blurry, you can see that at the top of this photo.

3 swans, I think there should be a 4th, in which case one of these is a widow/widower (I’ve been seeing a single swan around here for years, I also saw a dead swan too about 7 years ago).


If you can see it that’s a rope swing thingy above the pond.


The blurry lens is pretty clear obvious here.

I like the row of trees along here.


I don’t know how close I was to the ground but I like that I picked up more detail on the gravel. If I had the camera the other way around that would have been all blurry.

Wonder how this happens?


I only used the flash once indoors so decided to give it a go on this shaded area. I always like the sound the flash capacitor makes on a disposable.

I like the reflection of the building, I tried to get this in landscape but that’s when the film ran out. I don’t know what kind of corrections the lab may have made but it appears a lot of detail in the sky was lost here as with most the photos.


In conclusion, I don’t know what I expected really...it doesn’t seem to do anything different from a regular disposable. Was it worth a try? Not really. Maybe if it was ISO200 I’d feel a bit happier about it, but I think HP5 and XP2 only come in ISO400, I don’t see an ISO200 stock on their site other than a special one to bring out the reds more.