Bringing kinja into focus, one frame at a time

I went to the North American International Auto Show and I'm trying to learn and improve

I’m taking a photography course at college and have been learning basic photoshop (mainly the sliders in Bridge and cropping etcetera). We will be learning more later in the course but these are my favorite shots from the show. I used the 1/60 rule for the show since I didn’t have a tripod. I’m working on learning the camera enough to shoot in manual and have been playing with aperture and shutter speed. These are the shots I ran through the process of taking in RAW, lightly editing and converting to JPEG. I’m trying to learn and am interested in feedback to try to help me learn. My confidence is on the floor with my photography right now and I’m trying to learn if it’s any good or not.

I like this shot but it was a little out of focus which I couldn’t see until I got it on a monitor at home but like the rest of it.
One of my first shots at the show, I think it came out okay but don’t like the reflections in the doors.
I was trying to capture the lighting and the detail in the Colorado cutout but think it would have been better if I got all of it in focus with a higher aperture but it looked sharper on the lcd display of the camera.
I like this shot because of the framing and the contrast in the colors.
I like the red light reflecting in the bottom of the focus and the blue reflecting closer to the top in this shot.
Tried a different shot angle here by framing it with just the font end, I’m a little worried about saturation but the lighting was really showing off the blue and making it look very deep.
I tried out black and white here and think it works okay.
I like the color in this shot but am worried I may have oversaturated it, this was tricky because it was this green in person but the picture came out more yellowed until I messed with the saturation a little bit.
One of my favorites from the show, I thought this picture came out nice and I like the way the light reflects in the different curves of the car and how the screen in the background captured the guy and the car looking in the same direction.

The Ford GT #68 which won Le Mans in 2016. I like how they left it dirty. I think maybe it would be better if I rotated the crop so that it was more level but also kind of like the effect.

The Nissan GTR, I liked this one but think it is kind of boring.

Fiesta ST Spicy Orange, I liked this car and can actually fit in the recaro’s unlike the last time I rode in one which was 88 pounds ago. So that was a nice moment for me. Again though I think the photo came out a bit boring.


I’m glad I went and tried to learn from it. The biggest challenges were the variety of lighting, the constant reflections and people walking into frame. I tried to adjust for the lighting and pick my moments to shoot. I have a lot of progress to make and am trying to enjoy it but seem to overanalyze and self criticize pretty heavily which my instructor noticed. She is going to talk about evaluating photography in class tomorrow and she said we could talk more after that so hopefully it helps. Like I said earlier I appreciate feedback and hope you guys enjoyed my shots.

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