A very belated “hello” to you all. It’s been several weeks since FlowerGirlH4v0c kindly enabled me to post here on ‘Photography’ - life however, has kept me from contributing until now.

Who am I? Well, my name’s Mo - it’s not DokDoom; no, honestly :) - and as well as the day job, I’m a London-based events and people photographer. I get my photographic kicks from just wandering any part of London that takes my fancy with one of my Nikons and whichever lens I fancy using that day.

Expect to see lots of London, wedding, people and travel shots from me in the near future, as well as particular shots which I’d like to tell the story of/behind. Shots like this one.

Late one summer evening, I was wandering through London’s Covent Garden one and came across a particularly interesting street performer, brandishing his knives while on a tightrope.


As it always does, my brain was assessing what the most interesting photo possible might be.

After trying a few angles, it hit me - the performer was illuminated by two spotlights so why not snap his silhouette against the wall behind him? And wouldn’t it tell a story if I framed it so that I’m in the photo too?


This was my favourite of the shots as it captures the performer at his most dramatic. I love silhouettes and shadows at the best of times but was especially delighted to capture such a dramatic pose.

And what do I mean in the title of this post? Best camera in the world?

Well yes....cliche be damned but the best camera in the world is the one you have with you at the crucial time and what I had with me was my humble and long since-retired iPhone 4 (which the image clearly shows me holding).


Thanks for indulging me and please feel free to post some of your favourite smartphone shots.