As some of you may know, I love the Nikon Ai-S 105mm, in fact some of you have even bought it by my recommendation. I still stand by that it’s a good lens but Laowa, the same crazy people who created the 15mm 1:1 macro, have created a 105mm f/2 STF (Stands for “Smooth Trans Focus”). If you’re wondering what STF is, it’s a filter built into the lens that makes bokeh look really pretty and have beautiful rendering. Why isn’t this filter in every lens? Two reasons, it screws with autofocus so it only really works on a manual focus lens. Second, it takes up from 1 and 1/4 to 4 stops of light. The lens looks primed to be released for around $600. It will be released for Pentax K, Sony A, Sony E, Nikon F, and Canon EF. Even if it is only manual focus, I might end up buying it for my A7!