As it turns out, Kinja hates when you quote something right away. Here's what someone came up with:

2 options. It's a long word and doesn't fit so well in the dimensions above so I chopped it up a bit.

1. Obvious, but with a little twist to get it more compact

2. More obtuse, but I like it better. Gets at what we do. We do photography, but we are car people.

Or are we? Is this cars/photos or just photos of everything? If it is the latter then maybe just lenses, or maybe other things that fit in the three circles.

I'm all outta time so PSD is here if anyone else wants to have at it.…

These are some prototypes someone came up with. If someone would take and put in the three circular objects a high end Nikon Lens (head on), a High End Leica Lens (head on), and a Canon Lens (head on, apply directly to the forehead!), then change gra phy to "PHO TOG"


I think this might work as a logo