Hi, my name is PyramidHat and I'm addicted to lenses...

It started out when I first realized that the kit 18 to 105mm lens didn't have a long enough focal length. So I bought a manual focus 200mm f/4. I rationalized it by thinking that I might need to take pictures of stuff that is kind of far away; I got it from a nice, local store, it was safe and I was happy. But within a day, I was back surfing KenRockwell.com and read about the 35mm f/1.8 lens which is sort of a gotta have as it's faster than the f/3.5 that the kit lens, and I might want to try street photography even though I'm an introvert and typically don't talk to random strangers*. Regardless, I set up a encounter with someone from CraigsList to quell this urge; we met at Starbucks and then did the deed. We never got each others names and never really looked each other in the eye. But I had my lens and am fairly comfortable with feeling cheap. Sated, I sallied forth. Now, I'm trolling the Glory Hole that is eBay for a Tokina 11 to 16mm...because I may need to get a shot of a very wide area.

When will the madness stop?

[*I prefer my strangers to be systematic.]