Bringing kinja into focus, one frame at a time

I have returned! Backpacking mini-dump.

It was a good trip. I had brought initially 2 cameras, one with 2 lenses, but I ended up bailing on carrying my Sony a7ii into battle. The thought of that camera falling into a waterfall or something scared the pants of me. So the following are all taken with a Fuji x20.

We backpacked through trails and campsites in Peter Lougheed Provincial park, in southern Alberta.


Day one: I’ve always had a thing for lichen. 1/200 f8.0 @ iso 100. Say what you will about small sensors (the fuji has a 2/3”) they do wonderful macro.

This is me goofing off with the new photo merge feature in LR CC. Shot was compiled from 3 photos, 2/3rds of a stop apart. 1/320 f9.0 @ iso 100. This is where the little sensor kind of fails a little bit, if you’re a pixel peeper. Noise and lack of detail compared to larger sensors.


Day 2. Hiked to a new site. Saw this just a little ways from it. Spider eating a wasp. Did not like having his pic taken. I kept my tent locked down that night. 1/1000 F5.6 @ iso 100


Everybody must get stoned? I dunno. Just a golden hour mushroom. 1/400 F3.2 @ iso 100


Day 3. Decided to climb up a mountain to a glacier with a waterfall. Could only get to the waterfall itself. Taken about 3/4 of the way up. 1/640 F8.0 @ iso 100.


Couldn’t really take a photo of the waterfall without getting the camera wet from this close. I should have backed off and taken a better photo, but battery died shortly after this one. 1/250 f8.0 @ iso 100.


Just for perspective, this is the water fall I was at compared to where we camped that night. Almost dead center of the photo, can barely see it.

Day 4. Too tired for photos. had to trek back to the trail head.

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