I woke this morning from a strange dream. I dreamt that I was traveling to Russia for work. It was a very urgent job as I do not have a passport and my boss had to put in a rush order to get me one. It would be fairly simple work updating the customer’s software but they were insistent about getting a service tech on site to install it. I figured it would be quick to update so I’d have time to kill and would shoot some street photography.

I thought about what should I take with me to shoot on. I thought about taking my full kit but worried that someone would see my dslr and try to mug me. I thought about taking one of my film cameras but decided instead I would just bring my own film stock and try and buy a vintage soviet camera locally. I was still concerned that the government may be suspicious that I may be trying to smuggle state secrets out on film since nobody uses it anymore barely.


Then I woke up fully and realized this was all gibberish.