So, I want to buy a new lens, and since I have a bit aof money right now I'm going for a legit Fuji XF lens. I'm currently considering two, the 27mm f/2.8 and the 35mm f/1.4. I'd like your advice on the choice of the focal length, what do you think is the most versatile? I'm not big on landscape photography, but as I'm going to New Zealand for a year, this might change. I'm more into detailed or close up shots rather than wide shots.

So far I have 3 lenses, two Fuji XC kit lens (16-50mm f/5.5-5.6 and 50-230mm f/4.5-6.7) and a legacy lens, a Canon FD 50mm f/1.4.

As for as prices go, I can get the 35 for 500€ and the 27 for 400€ if I buy them new (haven't found any used yet). The 27 is also a all lot lighter and smaller than the 35.