Bringing kinja into focus, one frame at a time
Bringing kinja into focus, one frame at a time

Here's just another quick shot from this weekend. Missed the focus on the bottles/liquid that I wanted to get, but then again, the 35mm f/2 has a crazy thin DoF it's speed.

Shooting in a dimly lit basement, I had to compromise and shoot wide open, which, if any of you who own this lens know, is hard to nail the focus. If I had a chance to redo it in a studio setting, that'd be pretty cool.


RAW->JPEG conversion done on camera, uploaded from camera. This WiFi thing on the 6D might seem a little gimmicky, but it's turning out to be a pretty well used feature.

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Canon 6D
Canon 35mm f/2
1/200 - f/2 - ISO 3200

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