Hello everyone. I want to thank Xyl0c41n3 for giving me authorship. I hope to have fun sharing my photographic memories with everyone.

A real quick bio for those who don’t know me from other Kinja hideouts. I live in Oklahoma City and used to live in Maine. I love going to anime conventions and taking photos of cosplayers. I also travel back to Maine once a year so i take a lot of photos of the ocean and area around there. I also have a small condo that my father bought on a small ski mountain so I take photos around there when I go up to visit. I’m a fan of baseball so if i go to minor league games in OKC or if I get a chance to see the Red Sox play at Fenway I’m taking pics there. Anyway that’s enough rambling. Here are a few pictures I found in my Dropbox I thought were worth sharing.

The Bull & Finch pub in Boston,2013
A panaromic from the Oklahoma City Science Museum
I thought this was a nice one from a 2013 trip to Boston. The train was coming in just as I took it. I just wish it wasn’t so blurry.
The Devon Tower, the jewel of the OKC skyline


This was taken at the Portland Head Light lighthouse in Portland, Maine.
Red Sox game vs The Texas Rangers in Arlington, Texas.
A really well done Elizabeth and Booker cosplay from Bioshock Infinite. I wish I had a taken a couple more this one came out a bit blurry.


Anyway that’s enough for now. I need to go through my home PC where I have more to pick from. For now I wish you all a great day.