This is the first idea that came to me for the "Electricity Week" theme. I left the tube dirty because, well the amp was in storage. I gave it a quick wipe down, but I didn't pull out the q-tips like I normally would for a Macro. Plus I kinda like the dirty gritty look.

Tubes (Or Valves) were originally used for rectification, amplification, switching, or similar processing or creation of electrical signals. They have long since been replaced by the transistor. For music, I find the increased 3rd order harmonic distortion of vacuum tubes provided a more dynamic and "syrupy" listening experience. Plus you can switch the tubes out to color the music differently. RCA black tops for a darker more bass heavy sound. RCA clear tops for bright notes in the higher frequencies. It's rather fun!

Anyway, I may do something different for Electricity week, but I like this one so far.

Lighting info:
- 430exII above and behind with the diffuser down at 1/4
- Open window camera left for natural light fill
- Triggered with Cybersyncs