Not perfect because of using just a monopod and bracing against a second story window frame. Was pleased with these since they were almost handheld shots. Trees blocked the views at ground level. Played with exposure bracketing on the better detailed picture of the moon. Had to do some cropping of the images. In the other the clouds were obscuring the moon so I just let the camera pick exposure and got this Halloween effect. Changed that picture in one sample to black and white because the entire scene looked very bronze otherwise. Played with cropping the image mainly because of lights from neighbors house causing a light fringe to the left of the pictures and also for better composition. Taken with a Canon T6 using a 75-300mm EF lens. Took the UV filter off because it caused a flare. Can’t wait for the remote release I ordered to arrive so I can experiment with some tripod pics. One of my planned seasonal photo adventures will be to go to Blue Hen Falls in the Cuyahoga Valley and the somewhat nearby Brandywine Falls.