I am totally on a film kick right now because someone in my family had this lying around. Its my first canon, and boy is it awesome. But i have a few questions...

First the lens! THE LENS! Its a fricken 1.2! and an L series. Im a nikon guy, but arent L series lenses not just your average stuff?

BUT! the lens has a slight issue. Its rather dirty. Blades are good, but the glass isnt really 'clean'.

Can anyone recommend a good place to send this lens off to for a servicing? As much as i love taking things apart, considering what these are going for on ebay, i think it might be worth it to get it professionally serviced.


To the body! Its seems to function perfectly. Meter functions, all shutter speeds work, and buttons, DOF preview, self timer work. Anything i need to check on this camera specifically to give this body a cleared for takeoff?


Also, this is the "New F-1". And so far i am finding the top prism is different than most of the other ones. Anyone know what i have here? Ive spent most of my time researching and buffing up on nikons. Now that a canons falls into my lap, im using my basic knowledge to get by.

Anything canon specific i need to know?

Last thing, are there any places left i could buy specific parts? two caps at the bottom are missing since this was used with a film winder (This came with 2 of them lol).


I dont expect anyone to answer all that, and ill be researching in the time being, but i wanted to put these questions out there just in case we had an in house canon film guru. This camera may take shooting priority over my minoltas now...