Hi Folks -

So, I finally got the test roll from the Yashica back. To be honest, I was expecting light leaks, and figured I’d need a CLA, but I was pleasantly surprised. Nothing here is retouched, but there may be some slight cropping...

This will look familiar if you saw my Holga post... Highlights are blown out somewhat. I think this was taken when I had the battery in upside down and so the metering was not working. Note: These shoot at 1/500th when there’s no power.

Came back a couple of days later after I figured out what was what...I think there’s a slight difference, but am not entirely sure...


I liked how it picked up the texture on the leaf, here.


I liked how the color worked out on this, but I can see I hosed the focus. I was attempting zone focus and still am working to figure out distances; it looks like if I were maybe 2 feet back, I’d have been OK.


So, a very workable camera. Fairly light, very quiet (not Leica quiet, but quieter than the SLR’s). I know I have some work to do on focusing (I’ve found this to be an issue as I’ve gotten older. Someone suggested that I keep it stopped down a bit to help deal with that. The focus light on the Nikon is my friend). One gripe is that it’s a bit awkward to hold. With the SLR’s, I can just palm the body and clamp the lens between my left thumb and fingers. That doesn’t work too well with the Yashica...