I don’t know about you guys but when there’s an announcement for a new product I didn’t know I needed my GAS (Gear Acquisation Syndrome) flares up pretty bad. I don’t know if the rest of you have any particular methods you use to get over it but I have one I’ve never paid much attention too but thought I’d share if you might be able to put it to use.

With the announcement of the a6300 I started salivating just like Pavlovs dog and it was especially frustrating considering I had just convinced myself I didn’t need any new cameras this year and that my T2i was more than enough camera for my needs.

After a while of thinking about if I needed a new camera I realized there is some new gear I do need that I’ve been waiting to get for a while. I need more books. Now most of this comes back to me being more focused on filmmaking and the fact that there are so many different aspects to learn about but there are even books I want to buy just in reference to shooting stills.


So I headed to Amazon and picked a few books off my wishlist and added them to my cart and checked out. I know some may say it doesn’t help that much since you’re still spending money but books are, typically, significantly cheaper than most photo gear and they can be so much more valuable. You can learn new skills that will influence all your work or enrich your knowledge of other artists and better understand what came before you and know how you want that to shape your own process.

In the end a book will improve all your work across the board where as a new camera body or lens may let you take that one or two different photos you couldn’t take before and specifically just with that gear.