Hi Folks -

So, I joined a photography group at work, and now get 17 thousand million e mails a day on the topic. There is lot of discussion about the Perseid Meteor Shower happening tonight (I’m not going to see dick as I live close enough to SF that things will be fogged in) and there was a discussion about focusing to infinity, in order to shoot the meteors, as a tangent.

The conversation was about how some lenses do not have a hard stop at infinity (I’ve heard this complaint about some lenses). I got that some AF lenses have to go beyond the infinity point as a function of the AF operation (something to do with contrast focusing can’t stop right when it’s focused so it has to go past and come back, something something something...). But even so: If focus goes past the infinity point, then where the hell is the focus point? What’s beyond infinity? (besides Buzz Lightyear, that is)

Box camera, for your troubles...