Bringing kinja into focus, one frame at a time
Bringing kinja into focus, one frame at a time

Focus Stacking

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I tried playing around with focus stacking for the first time.

It was a rather ambitious attempt. The subject is rather complex with lots of depth. I tried to shield what I was doing from the breeze, but I still got some slight movement which threw off the alignment.


I think I got shots that have everything I wanted in focus, but because the alignment wasn’t perfect, they layers didn’t blend as well as they should have.

I originally took 31 shots, but because of the alignment, that didn’t work out so well. This is five frames that covered the most important parts and that had the least movement.


I’m going to give it another shot Friday. I have the flower clippings in water so I can use them again. It’s been obscenely hot recently with no rain. The clippings will probably be a bit more firm on my second attempt.

But I am fairly happy with this as a first attempt.

I shot this with my 18-300mm at 300mm with the flowers just inches in front of the lens. At 300mm, the largest aperture is f/6.5. But that close to the lens, the field depth is ridiculously shallow. Like f/0.95 on a prime lens shallow. I may go down a few stops to get a little better coverage with each shot. That will help with the blending of the layers.


We’ll see happens on attempt two.  

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