I’ve been wanting a 50mm to throw on my F4 for awhile now. Found a knackered FE with this series E on it for $60.

I tried out the lens at the fleamarket using my D3300 and it seemed fine. Some smudges on the glass but nothing that affected the picture. The camera body on the other hand looks like it had been dropped or hit with a hammer and the mirror was stuck in the up position. But that lens sells for between $60 and $120 so I figured might as well.

Went home and cleaned up the lens a bit and it works great. Picture of some cookies I made. Other than it not being able to meter on my D3300 it works perfectly fine.


This thing is so tiny.


In comparison to my 35mm 1.8 DX lens.

On the monstrosity that is the F4.


It’s so adorable.

My now complete film setup. Nikon F4S, 50mm 1.8 series E, 105mm f2.5 AI(bought on Alex’s recommendation) and a 100-300mm telephoto. I’m sure I’ll pick other stuff in the future but this has got me covered for most situations.


Oh, and the FE, I googled the issue. The first suggestion in that thread worked. I put new batteries in it, set shutter to M90 and the mirror dropped down. I threw a roll of film in there and we’ll see how it comes out.

It’s been a good day. I’m going to go eat some cookies.