I’m in a photography class and my teacher sent out a message that the art club on campus is having an exhibition and that they were looking for work. I submitted the above image and it got accepted! I’ve never printed my own work or shown it aside from small pictures so I’m new to this and was looking for advice. They didn’t say what size I should print or if it should be framed but I’m assuming it should be framed.

Do you guys have any advice for:

  • The size to print
  • Where to print it
  • What size frame to go with the size that is printed
  • How much I should spend on a frame
  • Should I pay someone to frame it
  • What finish I should get it in matte, glossy, luster, etc.

Any other tips would be greatly appreciated as would be comments on if you think of the image. I have to get this all together by tomorrow morning so it’s going to be a bit of a mad rush and I really appreciate your advice.