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First Public Showing (Update)


I did it! I showed my photography in public and while I was outside my comfort zone, I enjoyed the experience. For me it showed me that I can do this. People really admired my work! For the first time I actually began to think of it as work (in a good way).


Thank you to Sonicgabe and others for your help and support! I appreciate the guidance. Below was my intial set up, but I tinkered with it after. Sold 2 pictures and a couple people planned to contact me later on (hopefully). It wasn’t quite the venue for fine art, but I had a very positive response. Some friends that visited my booth were surprised, as I don’t really talk about photography (or myself) much lol.

Original post:

I have just been given the opportunity to do a show at the end of May. I have about 2 months to prepare, which should be plenty of time, but I have no idea what I’m doing! I am very much an amateur and need some guidance.


I am going to be doing local landscapes as the theme. May get away from that a little for variety, but I think that would be best for my target audience. There will be other artists here with many different mediums. I am not sure of most of what they will be bringing. The majority of attendees will be tourists who probably will be surprised by this arts and craft show and will be drawn in from curiosity.

As of now I am thinking of framing 2 large prints and having a few white bordered signed prints of each and a couple more maybe available for purchase. I am also considering having a few different options of postcards made for guests who may want an inexpensive option. I am thinking of other inexpensive options too. I have not looked into the possibility of accepting card payments nor am I sure of what I will be charging.


This will be outdoors (weather permitting) and I am unsure of many details, but I will probably need to provide a way to showcase everything. I will have a 5' x 10' space no walls. They will provide a 6' table if I would like.

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