Up to this point all I have shot on is an iPod, some point-and-shoots, and a Nikon N2000 film SLR that my dad bought in the 80s. My parents gave me a Canon T3 for Christmas. I have the kit 18-55mm lens, but have just ordered an adapter bracket so I can use the vintage 28-70mm Vivitar/Nikon lens (from the N2000) on my Canon body. I much prefer the feel and build quality of the older lens compared to the kit lens. BTW: These pictures are quite large...

These shots were edited very quickly in photoshop.

Because of my use with the old Nikon, I am use to fully manual operation. I don't like to use autofocus, however, I am not familiar enough with selecting ISOs so I let the camera do that bit for me.


Really, for a very basic kit lens, these shots didn't turn out too bad. I wish I could get a bit more macro though. I am thinking about buying a really cheap $20 Holga lens just for the hell of it.


No comment on that one.

I am quite proud of this last one. I shot it on a whim while the horse was walking towards me.


As always, any tips and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Feel free to mess around with them in photoshop if you like. I can't wait to go out and shoot some car porn.