Fourth of July! Fireworks!


We got there a little early so I could get the spot I wanted to shoot from. We sat through an hour of rain (I brought my camera rain gear, which worked great). Just before 10:00 pm, it was called off. The city said it was due to the firework vendor having a technical issue.


I’m so bummed. No word on if they will try again over the weekend. I feel incomplete.

The show over in Tampa got botched, too. Thier finale didn’t go off. Not a good night down here. Also, Tampa’s show was all messed up last year, too.


I feel unAmerican.

I did snap this shot, an 8-second exposure as an armada of paddleboarders came in after thinking better of being on the water with lightning going off over Tampa Bay. The sun had set 15 minutes prior. The soft glow of dusk mixed with the incoming storms made for some amazing colors and gradients. It almost looks like film, maybe a new roll of Fujicolor Superia X-TRA 100.


Did anyone get some good firework shots?