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Film love

For IFMBKO's birthday, I bought him a lens. And for his birthday, he bought me an Elan 7E! I feel a little outdone. He saw it in the case when we went in to order his lens (and an RC-6 but that's cheap so it doesn't count), and he magically remembered that it was this film camera I raved about before we started dating. (I've wanted one for years. Dreams do come true!!)

I was really nervous to shoot my first roll of film since childhood point 'n shoots, and since I've never taken a photo class, I was expecting there to be lots of problems going from digital to film. Not so!


Getting used to composing shots before firing away will take a little time, but I was verrry pleased with the results. I had some old rolls of B&W Kodak 400 ISO film laying around (from when I found an old Brick that ended up being busted) so my outdoor shots came out quite grainy- but that's the love of film. Unlike the bizarre stripies too-high ISOs get us digitally, film grain is surprisingly attractive.

The E in 7E stands for eye control, and it's the reason I fell in love with this camera years ago. It focuses where you're looking, in short. And it's friggin awesome. I didn't miss the focus on a single shot (although two or three came out blurry; small children and cats aren't always the best subjects). I went through a roll the day I got it, and after a debacle and a half, I finally got it developed at a nearby Walgreens. Their printer was broken, so I didn't get hard copies of my first photos, but I did get a photo CD for free, which made post-processing nice and easy.


Does anyone have a clue why the eye control technology didn't transfer over to digital? I can't think of a single good reason other than digital was just so durn fancy it got waylaid.


I'm also going to start learning darkroom processes, though school will probably prevent me from diving in for a while. Any tales from the darkroom?

There's bunches more on my flickr, including some deer-in-headlight action of IFMBKO as well as some dreamy-neat digital macro shots I have of this crazy stubborn flower that turned itself hydroponic. I've been busy with school and my volunteer-photog position and so going through photos I take is slower than I'd like, but winter is coming. And that means winter break. Which means free time again! Wooh!!!


IFMBKO, thank you again so much for such a wonderful gift. You certainly know how to make a photog-lady happy <3

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