I finally remembered to get out and shoot with the XG-M that has been languishing in a drawer. I had been occasionally using the 45 mm and 50mm lenses from it on my Nikon; mostly the 50mm.

When I got it out, I noticed it had film in it and about six pictures had been taken. I wound it back to preserve those shots so I could see what film was in there. It was yet another roll of Fuji Superia X-Tra 400, of which my house seems to be full of hidden rolls of this stuff.

Way back in maybe 2014, the wife and I did take this camera out to shoot with. We unknowingly used a roll of weird film that is no longer possible to develop. I guess we found a roll of the Fuji and put it in, shot with it, and out the camera away after six pictures.

I finished the roll and sent it off. I downloaded the negative scans last night.

The first six pictures were of the April 2015 lunar eclipse that was visible just before dawn. I don’t remember why I tried to take pictures of it with this camera and lens, but I did. From the pictures, it looks like I was using different apertures, maybe as a test or something. The header above was the best of the six.


I finished the roll around the house and in downtown St. Petersburg. This was just to get a feel for the camera and to make sure it was all working correctly, which it is. The roll of film itself was kind-of trashed, much grainier and washed out than rolls of it that I have shot with. These are the best of the rest of the roll. I made some minor corrections in Lightroom to the scans, mainly white balance and slight exposure adjustments, but nothing major.

An azalea from the front yard.
The Dali Museum in St. Petersburg. This shot came out exceptionally good.


I’m really happy with this shot as well. Turned out exactly as planned.


I was trying to get the reflection of the building in the lamp globe. I probably should have shot the next globe over as it looks a little more defined. Oh well.

So the camera works. It feels intuitive and the metering is pretty spot-on, especially when the frame is evenly lit. That flower picture was a little tricky as the flower was in direct sunlight and the rest of the frame is in shadow.

I’ll be taking the Minolta to the Grand Prix of St. Petersburg with me, shooting one roll each day. I won’t be messing around with expired film that weekend as I want no surprises.


Also, I shot the rising super moon last night. My first choice of a spot to shoot from was inaccessible due to track construction for the race. The back-up spot I found had some construction of the new St. Pete pier in it, but it works. The original spot would have been all boats and masts. That’s actually the second time (for different reasons) that the spot has been inaccessible during a super moon rise. Third time is a charm? We’ll see as the March full moon is also a super moon...