I wanted to put a picture in here, but I've been so far behind on editing my card dumps that I don't have anything new to put in... Anyways, let's get to the point: I'm back!

I took a hiatus from my camera for a while after shooting a wedding in October, simply because all the work behind that really burned me out when it comes to enthusiasm about photography.

During that time, I've picked up on some of my older hobbies, such as music, electronics, 3d modeling, etc. I even quit smoking cigarettes by switching to an electronic cigarette, then decided to make my own mod, so I ended up designing and 3d printing an enclosure for it!

Now, as for the other reasons why I sort of fell off the map:

Photography technology is moving so very slowly. When I stopped looking at tech, I was excited about the possibility of the X-Pro 2 coming out from Fuji, and as it stands, it's still just a rumor on the horizon. I know that it takes a lot of time for R&D, but come on, I'm like an impatient kid!


Another reason I fell off the map was to try and improve my work. Last time I took a break from shooting, I ended up coming back to it with a fresh mind and it really helped to develop my workflow. Sometimes you need to take a step back, let something leave your mind for a while, then come back to it in order to understand what you can do to improve what you're doing.

Also, it's really hard to take photos in the winter. When I leave for work, the sun is already up, and when I walk out the door at the end of my shift, it's dark again. That's not even mentioning the horrible cold and the frozen fingers trying to do any sort of photography outdoors during winter.


So, anyways, I'm back, sort of. I'll definitely be checking in on here more often, and as the seasons start to change (or I end up getting through some of the ideas for projects I want to build, whichever comes first) you'll start to see some original content from me.

Keep shooting, and keep improving!