Bringing kinja into focus, one frame at a time

Exploring Primes

Starting off this year breaking in a new-to-me 28mm but looking for stuff on the other end of the scale now.

My usual zeiss 16-70 and sigma 70-200 have been true workhorses these past few seasons but looking to expand my collection. Would love either a really nice 85 or something beyond 300, but on a budget. Shooting on a Sony E-mount but with an a-mount adapter so anything’s on the table. Been looking for some of the old Minolta super telephotos (400) or a sigma 100-400 but nothing’s come up in my area. Recently started looking at tokina 400s for dirt cheap but not sure if they’re worth the half-days drive.

On the other hand I could just call it a day and pick up the native sony 85, which is optically similar to the zeiss for a steep discount, and get some beautiful portraits but I use that focal less than my 50s. They do make for great images though.


What say you photoppo, is there any other vintage glass I should be looking at? 

In the meantime, some more results from the 28 indoors.


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