Bringing kinja into focus, one frame at a time

Editing Finally! (On Hold for Small Road Trip Tonight)

And uploading them to my Flickr! I'll keep the top photo updated with the last photo I uploaded! I haven't had my computer on for three weeks, so I figured it's time to get some editing down!

6:52PM: TheGirlfriend needs a ride to Chicago or something. This is the last one for now. I'll post more later tonight! Adios!


6:38PM: I forgot I was doing this live blog; I have two more done now! First is an abstract shot (guess what it actually is!); Second one is of the Moon and Venus!

5:31PM: Oh, hey, I got new brakes! Oppo might like this!


4:54PM: Here's a meteor I accidentally caught! I'm taking a break for an hour to take care of some things, check back then!


4:44PM: Wow I'm getting good with these times and patterns! Here's a plane flying over my house!


4:33PM: This was actually really hard to catch because I had the telephoto on!



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