Last weekend, I shot a couple rolls of the most expensive film I’ve bought, Fujifilm Pro400H. I was so happy! Climbing a mountain, shooting film, it was great. I loved the pictures exactly as they came looking out of my little scanner. Well, until I started looking at all my other photos.

All my digital pictures had what I thought was a nice look to them, and then the more I stared at my unprocessed film shots, the more washed out and dull they looked.

So I took the same approach I have editing my digital photos and put it to use on my scanned film .tiff files and got what I now really quite like. Fresh film is on the left, messed around with in lightroom is on the right.

Now I have pictures that I really do quite adore. Well, other than the ones where I accidentally re-set the exposure wheel on my camera while hiking and then underexposed a bunch of pictures at f/16 and ended up with grainy messes of dark fuzz. As always, film has its ups and downs.