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Eclipse Prep

So there is this solar eclipse happening soon. What is everyone doing for it?

I built a slip-on solar filter. Rather than spend anywhere from $60 to $100 or more on one that I won’t use all that often, I spent about $16. I bought a square of solar film online for about $6. Then, I hit up the plumbing section at Home Depot. I found a PVC pipe coupler that had one end which was just slightly bigger around than my lens. I then found a rubber pipe coupler that had one end that fit snugly inside the PVC pipe.


I cut the maybe two inches of pipe that fit around my lens off from the whole piece. I then cut about a quarter inch of the rubber coupler off to make an o-ring. I glued the o-ring inside the PVC, leaving about a quarter inch gap to top. I then glued the solar film to the end of the PVC pipe that has the o-ring close to it.

The two inch PVC cowling slips over the end of the lens, stopping at the o-ring as to not push on the solar film. It can be slipped on and off without messing up the focus or anything. It’s not pretty, but I don’t really care about that.

It doesn’t stick out so far as to get in the frame, not that it really matters as it blocks out all light except the shape of the sun. The picture is my first test shot with it. I need to make a few setting adjustments and practice tracking the sun before the big day, but so far I’m pretty happy with it.

We’re driving up to Columbia, SC to be in the zone of totality. A friend from Boston is driving down to the same spot we are going to, so I’ll get to hang with someone I wouldn’t normally get to see.


Had anyone here ever shot a solar eclipse before? Any tips or tricks? It’s kind of a one-time thing. If you fuck it up, you don’t get to do it again next week. At least with digital, you can check your work and make a quick adjustment, but there is still very limited time, you know?

After writing this, I realize I shoud have taken a picture or two of my filter. I’ll be able to do that Friday, so if you read this and there is not picture of it yet, check back.



This is my solar filter.


It’ll slip off in no time at all for totality, and then right back on again for the back half of the eclipse without disturbing the camera.

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