Bringing kinja into focus, one frame at a time

E. Ludwig Meritar 50mm f/2.9 Lens

This is the lens from the 1951/52 Exa Version 1 35mm camera. My wife got me the Exa screw mount to Nikon F-mount adapter for my birthday.

While I took a bunch of pics with it at the Ferrari car show over the weekend, those don’t really show off the bokeh that this lens makes. It’s phenomenal. I’ve seen it in film I’ve shot with the Exa, but with digital, it really pops.


Overall, the lens is great. It’s small, so it even at f/2.9 it doesn’t let as much light in as say my Nikon 50mm, which has a giant chunk of glass on the end of it. But no matter. Drop the shutter speed, bump the ISO... it’s all good.

The field depth at f/2.9 is really shallow, especially at close range (which is about two feet and change from the end of the lens). In the focus area, things are generally pretty crisp. Those sharp lines quickly bleed into the dreamy fore and backgrounds.

Focusing through the viewfinder is pretty accurate. With the shallow field depth at the wider end of the aperture range, using the LCD screen helps to really dial it in. It was fine at the car show when using smaller apertures in the bright sun.

Today I took a few quick snaps of some kitties and a flower. The kitties were in the shade and moving around. A lot. The only useable kitty pics were all of the same one, who wasn’t running around like a maniac. The flower was the only one I could find in my yard and was in the bright, direct sun. I shot all these at f/2.9 or maybe a hair smaller.


And the bokeh really pops. It’s just amazing.


So that it. I’m going to take it out on some more adventures. I really like using it and can’t wait to do some neat stuff with it. 

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