As this is the photography place, I thought I'd wait to see the results of Gizmodo's weekly-ish photo challenge before posting this. Rant ahead, don your safety gear.

So, I hate to say it, but I'm a little disappointed by the results of the challenge. Now, that's not to say that the photos were bad, but I'm going to kind of touch on a couple things, because I need to rant about it.

1) Does a parking garage really count as spotted down on the street? I mean, yeah, cars get parked there, and the challenge did say "probably parked," but I don't know. This was the beginning of my irks with the challenge.

2) I'm not a purist, but some of the stuff just didn't stand out to me in the least bit. I'm no one to criticize the fact that the best camera that you have is the one you have on you at the moment, but I guess personally, when the shot is super obviously camera phone status, I'm put off a bit. I have seen really good stuff come from phones, but this didn't wow me a bit.

I had some pretty high expectations for this challenge, and well, I don't know, it seemed really really lacking. Now, maybe you're thinking that "oh, he's a bitter prick because his picture of a stupid wet W202 benz didn't win." Actually, I don't enter these things to win, so in that regard, I don't really care. Would it have been nice? Sure, but seeing the results, that taxi should have won. It's the one shot that really stands out and is truly different than all the others.

This isn't the first photo challenge I've entered, but I don't know. I guess what my issue is that when Gizmodo throws around tons of camera reviews, and technique posts, I'm just not wowed for a second by the results of most challenges. Maybe a couple images for each challenge really stand out to me.


Do I consider myself some holier than thou, I take better pictures guru? No. I guess I just have somewhat ridiculous standards.

I mean, it's not really any different when I see posts about building computers and whatnot. I do it for my day job, so I'm pretty anal retentive about doing it correctly and understanding why there is a correct way (and this certainly leads to heads butting where I work). That's not to say there's only one correct way, don't be putting words in my mouth, but there are right ways and wrong ways to do everything.

So I don't know. What are your opinions on this? I don't claim to be right, I don't claim to be capable of doing better, but there have been much better photo challenges in the past, and I had some pretty high hopes that fell very short and face first.


I'm not posing a question as to whether photos belonged in the challenge, but what are your thoughts on this challenge, and how the results ended up being?