Hi Folks -

After spending a small fortune getting 6 rolls developed, I’m thinking that if I continue to dick around with film (“dick” being a technical term, there), it might behoove me to start developing and scanning at home. I have a V550 inbound (cheap, too: $112) for scanning. Now, for the film.

I get the general gist of developing, but had some questions for those that have done this before:

1) I’m looking to do both black and white as well as color (C-41). Do I need separate tanks? Or can I just use one tank and give it a good washing between the different rolls? Not sure if there’s any chemical cross-talk from the tank or reels...

2) The chemistry typically needs to be at a proper temperature in order to work. B/W has some wiggle room and can be run at lower temps, but I understand that color does not. Using hot water for making the initial batch is easy. But if I make a batch and then use it at a later time, then I’d need to bring it up to temp (e.g. 102F) - can that be done with a few seconds in the microwave? or would that hose up the chemistry? (“hose” being another technical term).

I figure with the temp, if I can’t accurately and reliably get to 102F, I’d probably get a cheap hot plate and a brewers thermostat and use that for temp control....but I wanted to see if that was even necessary.