Hey y'all! I'm on my way to a rodeo to shoot some cowboys. I'm taking a couple of film cameras and shooting with some expired B&W film. It should still be fairly usable, but my question is about film chemistry. I figured maybe someone here might be able to help me out.

I'm shooting T-Max and Ilford B&W. ISO 400 and 3200 respectively. I've got T-Max film developer that is, like the film, expired. Maybe by about three years (maybe a little longer). And I've got a limited supply of it. I don't think I have enough to process the amount of film I'm planning on shooting (1-2 rolls of 36 exp. 35mm and 2-3 rolls of 12 exp. 120mm film). So my questions are thus:

Do y'all think I'll need to increase my developing times since the chemistry is expired? And if so, what d'you reckon that amount of time should be? An extra minute or two?

And also, given my limited supply, can I recycle the chemistry to try to stretch it out for all the rolls? I've never recycled film developer before. I usually process the 2-3 rolls per drum, then dump it, like ya do. And if I can recycle it, how should I alter the development times then?

Basically, I'm going on one huge experimental excursion. Shooting sans light meter, with really expired film, then trying to develop it with chemistry that may or may not do jack.


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