I am looking for a solution to carry two DSLRs: One body with a 17-50 zoom and one body with a 70-200 f/2.8 zoom. The 70-200 is a big lens, and I have found a single bag to carry it, though it's pricey. I already have a single bag that will hold the body + 17-50. I don't really want to carry two single bags, as straps etc. get tangled, and they flop around. I'm considering finding a backpack that I can put both single cases into, back to back. This seems like the least expensive solution, and I would still have room for one more cased lens, batteries, flash, flash cards, and other small accessories. Does anybody have any other solutions to suggest?

Also, I'm looking for a shoulder strap solution for the 70-200. I am currently slinging it on my left shoulder with the original Canon strap, but it's not long enough. Hanging it around the neck is like wearing a millstone. I have seen other straps and sling setups that attach to the tripod mount, and I'm considering something like that. However, I don't want to remove the original strap entirely, since I still use that body (the better of the two I own) for smaller-lens stuff. Is there a way to quickly detach and reattach a standard neck strap? Rings on the body with snap hooks on the strap? I'm not vain enough to feel the need to advertise Canon on the strap, so I'm fine with ditching the original strap. Does anybody have any recommendations for tripod-mount shoulder slings?