This 356 is gorgeous.

This weekend brought with it the most anticipated Cars and Coffee of the of the year for the Tampa/St. Petersburg area. The monthly duPont Registry C&C normally takes place at its headquarters in St. Petersburg. This one was held across the bay at the Peter O. Knight Airport on Davis Island in Tampa.

This is the second time this event has been held at the airport. The first was in September 2016. The one scheduled for September 2017 was canceled due to Hurricane Irma. The 2016 C&C was bonkers. This one even more so.

The pre-dawn line of show cars waiting to get in stretched for more than a mile. Once the cars started rolling through the airfield gates, it took longer than 90-minutes to get them all in.

I didn’t and couldn’t take pictures of every car there. I tried to take interesting pictures of interesting things. I got a little creative with the shots of the cars rolling in. It was before dawn and was pretty dark as the clouds were keeping the pre-dawn light at bay.

And the coffee line was really too long to even try.

These are some of my favorites from the day. The full set is up on my website for your viewing pleasure.





The 2019 Corvette ZR1 looks amazing.


The green on this Porsche is sublime.

And to finish it off, a little BWM drifting action for you.

It’s a little BMW, drifting.