I rented a 85mm 1.2 and a 70-200mm 2.8 from LensRentals this past week since I was responsible for taking pictures of the TU’s Association of International Student’s International Night 2016. What I’ve learned is, they’re worth every single dollar they charge for them.

This past semester, I’ve been fortunate enough to join the board of two school organizations run by someone with rather deep pockets (which is fine since we can be reimbursed for our school events). This means renting lenses and creating a budget that included two televisions and a drone. But it also meant doing epic things like building prop boats and renting lenses.

The 85mm was FANTASTIC in dark behind the stage hallways. All these pictures were taken without flash since they didn’t allow flash all night.

This was literally almost pitch dark.


This was actually too damn dark.

Really, the 85mm wasn’t for much other than the Indonesian performance since I KNEW that one would be too dark for the 70-200. I’m also the photographer for the Indonesian Student Association even though I’m neither International nor Indonesian.

I love how sharp the lens it when it comes to taking group pictures.


The real star of the at this point shoulder destroying camera bag was the 70-200 IS II. It was absolutely amazing through the rest of the show and I only wish how it could’ve been better if I had my 5D II here instead of the 70D I got to bring to school.



1st Place went to the Chinese. 2nd Place went to the Vietnamese and 3rd went to the Persians. (2nd and 3rd were completely unexpected, people were sure Indonesian and Malaysian were going to be 2nd and 3rd.) So the organization I helped for didn’t win but I got to play with two of my dream lenses. I call that a win for me.

I’d recommend this lens to anyone with a $2000 budget just sitting in a shoebox somewhere labeled next lens to buy, these two are definitely on my short list for my next lens. And if not, LensRentals has been a great and painless rental experience for me. Especially with how I didn’t need to put in a deposit (makes it a lot easier for a college student like me.)