Amazon had a deal on the Bushnell wildlife camera a few months back, so I bought it. Because I need more cameras, of course. It sat next to my chair for about 6 months because it needs 12 AAA batteries and I kept forgetting to buy them. When I finally remembered, I got it sorted and set it up next to a picturesque stump. Then I scattered sunflower seeds on the stump and ground around it to see if I could get some chipmunk or squirrel shots for practice.

Mostly I got shots of a mouse (who got very fat on the seed I was putting out) and my knobby legs, but it gave me a decent baseline to springboard off of in the future. Primarily the limitations of a fixed-focus lens at night.

After three weeks, here are a few selections from the first 680+ photos it took. Yesterday I relocated it in the woods beside an animal trail, hoping to get a shot of the deer, coyote, bear and moose who travel through my backyard. I've also heard a bobcat out there and saw a gorgeous Canadian Lynx a couple years ago. (While cameraless, of course.)

Hopefully I'll have something more exotic to show next month.

Here's the whole album: