Bringing kinja into focus, one frame at a time

I’m looking at purchasing a new camera within the next couple of months and haven’t visited Photography in a while. I hope you fine folks can help me out a little.

My Nikon D50 is starting to show it’s age and abuse, the thing is 10 years old now and was well used and well loved by my father before it was passed on to me. Dad took it to plenty of Nascar races, family outings, museums, you name it and then it became mine after he passed away 6 years ago. This camera holds some sentiment and I’d like to keep it working even if I don’t use it. I’m extremely hesitant to use it anymore after noticing some issues over the past few months so I believe it is finally time upgrade.

I’ve been looking at mainly Nikons; specifically the D5500, D7100 (refurbished), and D7000 (refurbished). Does anyone have any recommendations or experience with any of these cameras, or recommend others to check out? I’m willing to consider Canon and Sony, my preference is Nikon. The only experience I have with anything not Nikon is my dad’s old Canon AE-1.

  • Budget is maxed at $1000, around $500-$700 is the preferred price range. Refurbished bodies are fine.
  • I’m looking at upper entry level and lower mid range level cameras.
  • I prefer traditional DSLRs since most mirrorless cameras are out of my budget.
  • Use will be very wide ranging, from Cars & Coffee to hiking in the middle of nowhere.
  • Video capabilities aren’t a must but they are something I’d like to experiment with at some point.

Update: I forgot the D300 exists. Thanks for the reminder Hondajet

Have at it, friends. Some of non car pictures I’ve taken with the trusty D50.


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