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Call for Authorship/Rules

Since it’s probably been years since anyone has done this, Photography is once again taking on new members! Photography is a subblog that has been dedicated to, you guessed it, photography! Equipment, photos, questions, anything and everything.

The Rules

Honestly, the rules are pretty simple here, and brought to you by iforgotmyburnerkeyonce:

Just remember when posting to be courteous. Photography is an art form and an expression of one’s self. Please be positive when commenting. When critiquing, use constructive criticism. If you’ve been critiqued, don’t take it personally; It’s just one person’s opinion of your work. The only person you have to impress is yourself.

I’ll also add that in terms of content, keep it tasteful, and try to post your own work (although if you see something good that you think will promote some discussion, feel free to share it!). Photography has only had a few bannings over the years, so try to keep that atmosphere going. Keep it civil, and if you have to ask yourself if it’ll get you in trouble, it might.

Anyway, chime in for authorship below, or if you have any questions, ask away!

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