Bringing kinja into focus, one frame at a time

Bird is the Word

Taking a break from my usual subject matter, I had an invitation to go “birding” with another photographer. It was overall a pleasant experience, one which I now recognize the patience that bird photographers must have in order to capture those creatures.

Tom cruise in Cliffhanger!

What made this a further challenge, is I was out-gunned with limited range, compared to my bird hunting friend. His weapon of choice: a 70-400mm Tank. My measly 200mm didn’t seem up for the challenge. But thanks to APS-C mode on the a7ii, I had a fighting chance. Below are the results.


Thanks to the limitations of shooting within a city park, you only get 2 bird varieties, and a 4 legged fiend of some kind.

So Many dead leaves still on the ground.
om nom nom!
it’s staring right at me! maybe if I stay still it won’t attack!

That ain’t no bird....

All pictures were taken at F4 @200ish mm. Iso varied between 200 - 400. Most of these are crops of the crop, and I’m very happy with the detail retained even with the extra cropping.

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