Does everyone want to post a “Best Pics Of 2017” list maybe the first week of January? Do a best five, ten, sixteen, seven, or whatever. Any pics, any camera; so long as you took ‘em in 2017. Well, let’s say took them by 6 am on January 1st, 2018. Who knows what you might find in the wee hours of the morning after New Year’s Eve. If you haven’t gone to sleep yet, it’s still the previous day even if it’s after midnight, right?  Write a sentence or two about each one, or not. Whatever floats your boat.

For your trouble, have a star trail shot from last night with way too airplanes flying through it.

Also, the Geminid Meteor Shower is Wednesday night. Things should get going pretty good anytime after about 9 pm or so. I saw some great ones last night, including the largest and brightest meteor I’ve ever seen. It made me yell out “Holy Shit!” even though I was completely alone. If that’s the same space debris that we’ll get on Wednesday (pretty sure it was), it sould be a really awesome show. I’m thinking of using two cameras for this on Wednesday, so long as I can figure a way to keep the shutter button pressed on the old one.